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Many readers know that I have had some success at creating new tradeshows.  In the last year or so we have tried a number of new tradeshows.  We have had some critical successes but not a financial winner to date.  Sometimes it takes a few iterations for a new tradeshow to take hold.  I think this is a case with our efforts in the Semantic Web area.  While I cannot guarantee it I think our third iteration of our Semantic Web - Linked Data show will finally hit paydirt this October in Santa Clara, California.  Stay tuned on this one. 

We have another brand new tradeshow called Mobile Content Strategies.  The program for this October event was just posted.  The program is original and exciting.  We have two tracks.  One covers all types of content strategies for mobile devices.  The second track deals with interactive mobile marketing and related business topics.  We also have a thriving blog on this topic called Mobile Content Today.  We have some ambitious plans for this blog.  A whole bunch of new features will be added during the summer.





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