Clipart Connection Subscription Launched

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Jupiterimages is the leader in the world in selling digital content via subscription.  We have 12 subscription properties and continue to grow the list.  The most recent launches were Jupiter Images Unlimited and Stockxpert (our microstock offering).

We have owned a clip art site for years. It recently added 3.5 million more images for a new grand total of over 10 million making it the largest images subscription in the world.  And now we have launched Clip Art Connection.  Clip Art Connection offers 1 million images.  This smaller site is a great value for consumers and smaller marketing companies that do not require a 10 million image library.  Prices for this new offering start at $4.95 per week - needless to say a great bargain when one can download a large number of images per day.

We continue to innovate at Jupiterimages.  The future in the image and digital content arena is value buying.  Of the big three in the industry we are the one company that has the broadest offerings and is best suited to take advantage of the continuing buying revolution.  Many image companies will lose out if they do not change.  The Internet and the Web have produced a bifurcated market of top end and low end offerings.  The low end is where the growth will be in the future.  It will be growth larger than we have witnessed in the history of the image business.  While I cannot guarantee it, Jupiterimages is best equipped to handle this revolution.

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